Claude Berthiaume, Shihan, to Portland Aikido


Aikido and Iaido Seminar

September 28 and 29, 2024 Portland Aikido (Portland, Maine) will host an Aikido and Iaido seminar taught by Claude Berthiaume shihan, chief instructor of Aikido de la Montagne in Montreal, Quebec Canada. Berthiaume sensei is a member of the USAF Technical Committee and is the technical director of Kiyoikaze Iaido Federation.
The seminar fee is payable at the dojo in US currency or with a check from a US bank. Sorry, no credit cards.
For questions, directions and accommodations contact the dojo website -


Portland Aikido
120 Woodford St.
Portland, ME 04103


September, 28th 2024


September, 29th 2024

Class Schedule:

Saturday 9/28/2024 - 11am to 4pm Aikido classes, no lunch break, snacks will be provided, last class will be weapons, please bring your own weapons. 4:15pm - Aikido tests, 5pm - party at the dojo Sunday 9/29/2024 - 10am to 12:30pm Iaido classes, 12:45pm - Iaido tests


  • Claude Berthiaume