Crystal N. Aldrich, Fukushidoin, and Naomi Barshi, Daniel Epstein, Lana Medvedeva to Great Lakes Aikido


Midwest Future Leaders Seminar

Please join us July 27, 2024, from 9:30 am-1:30 pm Central time for the Midwest Future Leaders Seminar. This event will be held at Great Lakes Aikido, 150 Fairway Drive, Suite 156, Vernon Hills, IL and also be live streamed.

For the future development of Aikido, it's important to bring up the next generation of leaders. With this in mind, we are holding a seminar on July 27, 2024 featuring instruction by people who teach, but who may or may not be the top instructor at their dojo. This seminar will feature four instructors from a variety of lineages and affiliations, each teaching one class. This is a great way for up and coming instructors to experience teaching outside of their own dojo, and for attendees to experience what these instructors have to share.
It’s our intention to have a series of seminars such as this, in various locations, and we hope people will support this endeavor for the future growth of Aikido.

All affiliations, levels of experience, and styles of Aikido or other arts are welcome to attend!

Our Instructors for this training event will be:
***Crystal Aldrich Sensei, Yondan, Aikido New London County, United States Aikido Federation
***Naomi Barshi Sensei, Nidan, Aikido of Madison, Aikido Schools of Ueshiba
***Daniel Epstein Sensei, Nidan, Great Lakes Aikido, Aikido Shimbokukai
***Lana Medvedeva Sensei, Shodan, Midwest Aikido Center, United States Aikido Federation

There are a variety of options for participation-
- Participate live; in-person training at Great Lakes Aikido, 150 Fairway Drive, Suite 156, Vernon Hills, IL.
- Participate virtually with your dojo mates from your dojo. For those who can gather and train together, please plan to attend the seminar from your dojo! Set up a computer, stream the event, and train!
- Participate virtually on your own from your home, or any location of your choice.
Please register at

We will also be accepting walk-in registrations. Registration for the seminar is US$40 for in person participation and US$25 for virtual participation. For those with financial constraints please let us know as we have some scholarship options available. All affiliations and levels of experience are welcome!
We look forward to this event, and hope to see you on the mat, in person or virtually!


Great Lakes Aikido


July, 27th 2024

Class Schedule:

9:30 am-1:30 pm Central time Classes are available for virtual students.


  • Crystal N. Aldrich

Naomi Barshi, Daniel Epstein, Lana Medvedeva

Event media: